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What is Web Hosting?

Once your web design is complete, you will need some way for people to access your web design via the internet. Web hosting providers supply this service. The pages, images, scripts etc... are all uploaded(sent via your computer and internet) to the web design hosting service. There are many web design hosting providers and most offer different services such as free web designs(mostly using templates), email accounts etc... As this is a very competitive market, there are many different types of web hosting plans. The rates are very reasonable and the service is very good. Click the links above to find out more.

What is a Domain Name?

Basically the domain name is a unique identifier to locate your web design on the internet. For example, our domain name is hitechwebsites.co.uk and no other website can have this domain name. Normally your web hosting service will provide you with the service to choose and pay for your domain name by subscription. Krystal.co.uk provides a very good service for this at a very reasonable rate.